Home recording studio

If you like track and you can sing, I’m sure that you may have a dream of owning a recording studio of your own so that you can record your making a song and produce your CD. besides the fact that, such dream, in ordinary, expenses you a lot. apart from the amenities like manufacturing studio development you are additionally required a bunch of expensive recording system.

however thing has modified with AV song Morpher Gold. With this compact, easy-to-use application now you can really have fun with an in-home recording studio.

First step is recording, AV MM Gold can assist you to record your voice in high quality. purchaser record button under the morpher tab and sing. Then, you can replay to examine and redo the recording till feeling content.

The subsequent step is modifying your work. Now you can see the changes of AV MM Gold. You can add as many consequences as you like to make your track funky easily by click on on the needed ones. There are many alternate options for you, single consequences or special results or group of consequences as well. And if you don’t like the ready-made ones you can create whatever thing new. The funniest thing is voice morpher, you can amendment your voice pitch, voice timbre and the tempo of the song.

More than that you can cut a part of any song track and insert it in to your music. It will be very useful to make humorous things and it will stimulate your speedy a lot.

After the postproduction, it’s time you make your loved CD with burner. however don’t forget to make your CD look funky by developing a canopy with your favourite pics.

Now you have in hand a complete CD, why don’t you make it a special gift for your loved in this Valentine?