Silver Credit Cards

The lowest in the hierarchy of valuable metallic named credit playing cards, silver credit playing cards have been round due to the fact the thought of credit playing cards in the mid-1950s. Today silver playing cards have been satisfactory in status by gold credit playing cards and platinum credit playing cards and so have more generally come to be known as ‘standard’ or primary credit cards.

advantages of silver credit cards

The advantages that silver credit playing cards have over other types of playing cards include:

* lower annual club prices (if any)
* lower threshold income which you need to earn if you want to apply
* the same credit limit as other credit playing cards if you have a good credit historical past or manage your card sensibly
* 0% interest for among 6 – 9 months when shifting your account steadiness from one credit carrier to another

The simple fact is, if you are not that fussed over the ‘image’ you painting when you are out pushed aside with your credit card, and are more concerned with how you manage your credit card debit, then silver credit playing cards are absolutely more beneficial than any other credit playing cards on offer.

risks of silver credit cards

* lower cash withdrawal limits
* less rewards in rewards advertising applications, such as a lower percentage rate cash back go back with cash back credit playing cards or lower airmiles with airmile credit cards
* less go back and forth perks – for example, if you have a gold or platinum card you may be entitled to automated improvements when visiting, however as there are far more standard silver credit cardholders, it is not likely this advantage will be afforded to you as well
* less status, which may mean dealer are less keen to give you the same provider as they may provide to gold and platinum cardholders.